Privacy Policy

The alteration which can be made during a course period of time specifically the terms and conditions and after that comes the services provided in a much larger basis aren't really made for to be given answers. The responsibility is already included with inside any customers to follow the website on a basic termination gap.

The user availing services is expected to be read and understood all the terms and conditions included in our privacy policy. The user will hopefully make clear that the terms and conditions are well accepted to him.

Limited user

The services are specially structured for personal use and commercial use. But a nominal agreement on the fact no portion of services can be sold or misused for the commercial use.

Disclaimer of warranties/ Limitation of Liability –

We produce an utmost care to make sure that the information provided by us in its most width are accurate, but no representation or replacement would be presented to re - ensure our quality and the guaranteed completion of the data provided. There are no commitments or assurance made by us.

Access Restriction –

We can transferor restrict the access of our website at any time location of time

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